Charles Daigle

My name is Charles Daigle and I am a graphic designer, as well as a web developer, and photographer.

I began my interest in graphic design working high school projects such as the yearbook, school news rag, and anything else that I found an interesting challenge.

My first full time job in graphic arts began in 1982 when I began working at the local newspaper. My departed friend Claude Levet, who was always enticing me to try another artistic outlet, got me a production job there.

In the early nineties the Macintosh computer made it debut and began introducing the digital age, along with the World Wide Web. When my friends Mark Glynn and others started building simple HTML websites, I quickly became interested.

Upon returning to Louisiana from Tennessee, I immediately became employed building websites for everyone who knew I was in the business.

In 2001 the New Orleans Times-Picayune ran a story about how poor the local government website was and that they had lost access to updating it. I put in a call to parish president Nicky Monica and told him I could correct the problem. I found the builder of the site, who was more than happy to give me access and hand it over. In 3 days time, I rebuilt the whole website and a day later the Times-Picayune reached out to me to do a new article about how I managed to update the site.. The next day my little flip top cell phone began ringing with people needing a website. I had no choice but to officially hang my shingle as they say, and I was now a business owner.

The early websites were straight forward. Simply create a small document, upload it to a web server and poof, you had a website.. Of course then there was little expectation, and each job was an adventure. Small monitors, dial up modems, NO cell phones and NO web hackers. It wasn’t long