so, I was living in Knoxville, the year was 1997. My friends Mark and Randy were both giving HTML coding a shot and showed me a few tricks.. So I gave it a shot.

Suddenly I found myself back home in Reserve, Louisiana. I began working with Laurie and James in their print shop in Reserve. Not a week later an article appears in the Times Picayune about the troubles the parish was having with their web site. Appear that 2 years the new parish president had taken office, the previous parish president and his staff were still listed as the current administration. The newspaper seemingly was taking great joy in telling the story.

So the next day I happen to run into the administrative assistant to the parish president. I told him I could probably fix his immedient delima.. I searched the URL database for the owner of the domain and sent a polite letter stating I was trying to help get the parish website uptodate. He politely responded and gave me access.

3 days later I received a surprise phone call from the one and only Times Picayune. The reporter simply asked me one question.. “How did you do it?” Well, and I proceeded the tell the whole boring story.. and the writer asked if i would do an interview.. I said sure and the rest is history..

Here I am today .. 26 six years later.. still stuck in my house… Never advertised a day.. my fault.